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Physics Professor James Francis Harrison Jr. and Students



UT Students with Professor James F. Harrison Jr. (Physics), maybe Samuel Clark Red (1861-1940 physician)

, 2nd from left only graduate in 1885 other than law students, backrow, 4th from left, front row. Maybe William B. Garrett, 2nd left, backrow, Maybe Yancy Lewis, 3rd left backrow, Maybe Lela Cole in front row.
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Above is a photo of Professor James Francis Harrison Jr., the second UT physics professor and a group of students. The photo from 1884-1885 was taken at the same time as the faculty photo below. None of the students were identified. I have some candidates that I am pursueing.

Students possible in photo; There are 25 students in the photo. What group is this? Since Professor James Harrison isa physics professor, then seem likely there would be physics students in the group. Some possible names: Physics; James Bruce Lewright, Matthew Mann Smith (1864-1924 Austin Physician), Lela Cole, James W. Maxwell (lawyer), E. Edmonson, Horace Roscoe Burt (1866-1944), Charles. V. Templeton (1862-1954 Physician), W. A. Roberts, Patrick H. Sweringen (lawyer), C. K. McDonald, Minnie G. Dill (School teacher and author of Footprints of Texas), Jennie L. Mitchell, R. B. Halley, H. K. White, W. L. Stiles.E. E. Bramlett.

Yancy Lewis, Mr. Lipscomb, Mr. Hall, Mr. Bradshaw, Mr. Miller, Dan A. Bliss, C. C. Storts, R. C. Milliken, Miss Mamie Dickerson of Austin, Wilfred S. Clark of Hooly Springs, MS, R. Waverly Smith, Mr. Hawthorne, A. J. Clopton, S. C. Red, H. B. Stiles, , Togers Whaley, G. A. Hawthrone, Mr. McDonald, Jessie Andrews


Law Students: Jacob Chester Baldwin (Law Student, later Judge in Houston), James Columbus Burns, John Milan Coleman, Bethel Coopwood Jr., William Beverly Garrett, Thomas Watts Gregory, Oscel Godwin, Owen Picket Hale, James Robert Hamilton, Virgil Bryon Harris, Thomas Dick Hovencamp, Yacy Lewis, William Edwin Mosely, Anderson James Peeler Jr, Venable Beard Proctor, Moran Scott, Wiley McElroy Smith, William Clayton Wear, Thomas Carson Wynn, Hillard Franklin Yeager, Halbert Cyrus Randolph,

Acknowledgements: Prints and Photographs Collection, OP34, The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin









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