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Name Index for Site

Below are the names of people who appear on this site. If there is a page dedicated to the person, then their name is a clickable link. Following the name is an abbreviation for the name of other pages on which they appear. The full page name is listed below and are linked to the page. Once at the page you will need to use the Find function in your browser to find the name in the page. Propagator pages are not searchable.

ADSS= Administrative and Secretarial Staff
AH= Awards and Honors
CA= 1983 Centennial Article
CND= Center for Nonlinear Dynamics
CNS= Center for Nuclear Studies
CP= Century of Physics in Texas-Gavenda
DC= Department Chairs
DPA= Department Photo Album
FRC= Fusion Research Center
HS= Honor & Support
MBP= Main Building Period
MBPA= Main Building Photo Album
PBP= Painter Building Period
PFB= UT Physics Faculty Books
PFRS= Physics Faculty & Research Staff
PG= Physics Grades 1910
PLH= Physics Library History
PRF94= Propagator Fall 1994
PRF96= Propagator Fall 1996
PRSP03= Propagator Spring 2003
PRSU89= Propagator Summer 1989
PRSU90= Propagator Summer 1990
PRSU91= Propagator Summer 1991
PRSU93= Propagator Summer 1993
PRW88= Propagator Winter 1988
PRW82= Propagator Winter 1982
PRW87= Propagator Fsll 1987
PS= Physics Shops
RLMP= R. L. Moore Building Period
SGP= Staff Group Photos
SigPiSig= Sigma Pi Sigma Photo 1946
SRA= Scientific Research Article-1969
VDRE= Vintage Demo & Research Equipment
WIP= UT Women in Physics




Aamodt, Richard : PFRS
Adams, Allan : PRF94
Adams, Ansel : VDRE
Adamson, William Henry : MBP
Adler, S. RLMP
Ackerland, Gustav Joseph : SigPiSig
Aldridge, L. E. : PS
Alldredge, G. P. : PRSU90
Allen, Marie Lovelace : WIP
Allen, R. E. : PRSU90
Allen, Ralph Gordon : PFRS
Allen, Wilbur P. MBP, DPA
Alpher, Ralph A. : PRSU93, AH
Anacker, David : PRF94
Anderson, P. RLMP
Andres, Duane S. : PRF94, PRF96
Andrews, Jessie : WIP
Anory, Roger : MBP
Anthony, John Mark : PRF94, PRF96
Antillón Matta, Jorge Ramiro
Antoniewicz, Peter R. : PRW88, AH, PRF96, PRSU93, PFRS
Archer, Oscar Buford : MBP
Ardis, Susan : PLH
Arey, Sharee : AH
Armstrong, Nancy L. : SGP
Arnold, George W., Jr. : PRF96
Arnould, L. RLMP
Arthur, Chester A. : MBP
Arumi-Noe, Francisco "Paco"
Astrup, Evabeth PBP, PFB
Atiyah, M. RLMP
Atkins, Carl : PS
Augspurger, George : PRF94, PRF96
Avila, Carlos,
Ayres, John H. : PLH
Ayres, William Frederick : MBP


Bachman, Mark : PRF94
Baez, Ed : PS
Bailey, Bonnie : MBP
Bailey, Dane E. : PRF94
Bailey, Dora : MBP
Bailey, J. N. : MBP
Bailey, John Robinson: DPA
Bailey, John W. : MBP
Bailey, Joseph S. : MBP
Bailey, Julia : MBP
Bailey, Lulu Mary : PG, CP, RLMP, MBP, PFRS, WIP, DPA
Bailey, Minnie : MBP
Bainbridge, K. T. PBP
Baker, Kay : ADSS
Baldwin, David E.: PRF94, PRSU93, PRW88
Baldwin, Z. Lenore : MBP, DPA
Ballester, Jorge : PRF94, PRF96
Baltzer, Otto J. : PFRS, PRF94, PRF96
Banks, Edward Ned Schaefer : ADSS
Banks, Fredrick Marion : ADSS
Banks, Hemine Margaret Schaefer : ADSS
Banks, James Oliver : ADSS
Banks, Katherine : PLH, ADSS, PBP
Banks, Mary "Mamie Sophie Banks Romberg" : ADSS
Banks, Susie Frances Wakeley : ADSS
Banks, Thomas Gray : ADSS
Bardsley, Norman : PFRS
Bargman, Sophie : WIP
Barker, Eugene C. : MBP, DPA
Barkley, Carolyn : PS
Barkley, Dwight E. : PRF94, PRF96
Barnes, James A. : MBP
Barnes, Maud Alice. :WIP
Barthel, Romard PBP
Battle, William James : CP, MBP
Bauch, Chris : PRF94
Bauer, L. A. : CP
Beames, Winnifred Zara PBP
Beasley, Nancy M. : HS
Beasley, Stephen C. : HS, PRF94
Beeler, Reba Alice : WIP
Beier, Gene : PRSP03
Beier, Roy : PRSU89
Bell, H. E. : PLH
Bellmont, Leo Theodore : MBP
Belo, A. H. : MBP
Benedict, Harry Y. : CA, MBP
Benesch, Jay F. : PRF96
Bengtson, Roger : DC, AH, PRW88, PFRS, PRF94, PRSP03
Bennett, Zenobia Blanche : MBP, WIP
Beranek, Leo L. : PRF94
Berdohl, Robert : PRSP03
Berg, Marcus : PFB
Berger, William : MBP
Berk, Herbert L. : PRSU93, PFRS, PRF96
Bernstein, Richard Barry
Best, William E. : SGP
Bickerton, Roy RLMP
Biedenharn, Lawrence C., Jr. : PRF94, PRSP03, RLMP, PRF96, HS, PRFS
Biedenharn, Sarah : PRSP03
Biros, Peggy Spillar : PS
Bjorken, J. D. : PRF96
Black, Molly : PS
Black, Thomas K., III : PRF94, PRF96
Blackstock, David T. PBP, PRF94, PRF96
Blake, Ralph W. : PRSU90, PS
Blasdell, Lizzie Gertrude : WIP, MBP, DPA
Blau, Ludwig Wilhelm : MBP
Blindheim, Charlotte PBP, PFB
Bloch, Claude PBP
Blood, John : PRF96
Bloom, Beatrice : WIP
Bloom, Landes A. : WIP
Blumberg, Jane W. : HS, PRF94
Blumberg, Roland Krezdorn : HS, PRF94, PRF96, PBP
Bock, Hildegard : PRF94
Bodek, Arie : PRSU91
Bodling, Walter G. : SGP
Boehl, Herb : PS
Böesser, Mark Alan : SigPiSig
Boggess, Albert PBP
Boggess, Nancy Weber PBP
Bohm, Arno R. RLMP, PFRS, PRSP03, PRF94, PRF96
Bohmfalk, Clyde : PRSU90
Bohr, Niels RLMP
Boner, Charles Paul : CA, DC, MBPA, PBP, VDRE, HS, PRFS, MBP, DPA, SigPiSig
Boner, Marian Oldfather : WIP, DPA
Boner, Paul PBP
Boner, Tom : PRF96
Boney, Jeff : PS
Bonner, Tom PBP
Bonning, Erin Wells
Book, Helen : ADSS
Booton, Steven : WIP
Borchardt, Linda M. : SGP
Borysow, Aleksandra : PRF94
Borysow, Jacek : PRF94, PRF96
Bounds, Nellie May : WIP
Bowell, E. : PRSU91
Bowers, Tom : PRF94, PRF96
Boyd, Daniel A. : SGP, PS
Boyer, Robert : PRSU93
Brachman, Malcolm K. : PRF96
Brackenridge, George W. : MBP, PS
Bradley, Earl S. : PLH
Bradshaw, William Witt : SigPiSig
Bramlette, Edgar E. : DPA
Brandt, Bertha : PS
Brandt, Robert : CA, PS
Brandt, Ursula : PS
Breihan, Ernest Winfred : MBP
Breit, Gregory : MBP
Brewer, Worth : PLH
Bridgeman, P. W. : MBP
Brock, Purity C. : PLH
Brogan, Francis A. : PRF94
Bromley, D. Allen : PRF96, PRF94
Brooks, Harvey : PRF94, PRF96
Brooks, Judy : PS
Brotherman, Katherine R. : SGP
Brouf, R. RLMP
Broun, William LeRoy : MBP, DPA
Brower, David Farmar: FRC
Brown, Eddie W. : SGP
Brown, George L. : ADSS
Brown, Harriet : ADSS
Brown, Lawrence E. : CA, PBP, PFRS
Brown, Simpson Leroy : PG, PRW88, CA, DC, HS, MBP, MBPA, PBP, PFB, WIP, PFRS, SigPiSig
Browne, James C. : HS, PFRS PRF94
Bryan, Bobby L. : SGP
Bryant, J. N. : MBP
Buchanan, James Lyle : PS, SGP
Buchanan, Bruce Cole : PS
Buchanan, Clyde (Buster) : PS
Buchanan, David Clyde : PS
Buchanan, Lillian Dean : PS
Buchanan, Newton (Newt) : PS
Buchanan, Patricia Sue Maloney : WIP
Bueso-Sanliehi, Facundo : MBP
Buise, James A. : SGP
Buise, Mary J. : SGP
Bunton, Chester : SGP
Burbrink, Pauline Waldord : PS
Burbrink, Walter M. : PS
Burg, Kenneth Edwin: MBP
Burgess, C. RLMP
Burke, Barbara : PS
Burke, Willie W. : PS
Burleson, Shirley A. : ADSS, SGP
Bust, Gary : PRSU93
Byers, Nina : WIP


Cabibbo, Nicola : AH
Cadenhead, Jody : PLH
Cajas-Viduarre, Carlos Antonio
Caldwell, S. H. : CA
Camp, Leon : PRF96
Camp, Leon, Mrs. : PRF94
Campbell, Jay : PS
Campion, A. : PRW88
Candelas, Phillip : PFRS, PRSU91
Cannon, Donald R. “Donnie” : PS
Cardenas, Rosa Elia:
Cardenas, Virginia : SGP
Cardona, M. : PRSU90
Carlson, John W. : CA
Carter, Alan PBP
Carter, Don : WIP
Cartier, Pierre : PFB
Casey, Mrs. Newman : ADSS
Casey, Newman Fay : ADSS
Cavanaugh, William J. : PRF94, PRF96
Chao, Alex : PRSU91
Chase, David M. : PRF94, PRF96
CheIikowsky, James : PFRS, AH
Chen, Gwo-Liang : PRF94, PRF96
Chen, T. S. : PRSU90
Chernosky, Allen Anthony : PRF96, PBP
Chernosky, Dorothy Louise Newman : PRF96, PBP
Cherry, Lloyd Benjamin PBP
Chester, Arthur N. : PRF94, PRF96
Chiu, Charles RLMP, AH, PFRS, PRF94, PRF96, PRSP03, PRSU91
Choi, Duk-in : PRSU90
Choptuik, Matthew W. : PRF94, PFRS, PRF96
Chuoke, Robert L. : SigPiSig
Christensen, Steven : Center for Relativity
Ciufolini, Ignazio : PFB, PRW88
Clark, C. W. : MBP, DPA
Clark, John Walter : MBP, PBP
Clark, Robert Beck : PFRS, PRSU89
Clarkson, Henry Neal PBP, PFRS
Clendenin, William Wallace PBP
Clifford, Jack : PS
Cloesson, S. RLMP
Cluiss, Karen : AH
Cockle, James : MBP
Cody, George D. : PRF94, PRF96
Coffman, Rebecca B. : WIP
Cohen, Morrel PBP
Coker, W. Rory : PRF96, PRSU89, PRW88, PFRS
Colby, Malcolm Young : HS, MBP, MBPA, PFB, PFRS, PRF94, PRW88, CA, DC, PBP, DPA, SigPiSig
Cole, Edith Rebecca : PS
Cole, Terry : PS
Coleman, Howard S. : PFRS
Collins Jr., Carl Baxter : PS
Collins, Ella Dean : PS
Collins, Jim : PS
Collins, Russell L. : PFRS
Compton, Arthur Holly : MBP
Condelas, P. RLMP
Condon, Ed : MBP
Confrey, Jere : PRSP03
Connell, Louis Fred, Jr. PBP, PFRS, SigPiSig
Connor, William K. : PRF94, PRF96
Cooper, Jack : MBPA
Cornel, Eric : PRSP03
Cornett, Richard Orin : PRF94, PRF96, PBP
Costa, Frank D. : VDRE
Costello, Ben : PS
Coster, F. Donald : VDRE
Coulson, Charles PBP
Cowan, David PBP, PS
Cox, Billy : PS
Cox, Joyce E. : SGP
Cox, Margaret A. : SGP
Cox, Valerie J. B. : SGP
Crawford, George WolfPBP
Cret, Paul : PLH, PRF96, PRSP03
Croneis, Karen : PLH
Cronkite, Walter : MBP
Crouch, Lucille Kenneth : MBP
Crumley, Karen S. : PRSU93
Crutchfield, Bobby Lee PBP
Cuddy, Kim : ADSS
Cummings, Stephen T. : PRF94, PRF96
Cunningham, Barbara Lynch PBP
Cunningham, John PBP
Cunningham, Lawrence PBP
Cunningham, Walter Jack PBP
Cunningham, William H. : PRSU93, SGP


Dabney, Robert L. : MBP
Dack, Gail : PLH
Danburg, Jerome S. : PRF94, PRF96
Danze, Elizabeth : PRF96
Darwin, Charles MBP
Davids, Cary N. : PFRS
Davis, Alfred, Jr. : PRF94, PRF96
Davis, Anamary : WIP
Davis, Eva Wilhelmina Caterina Gosch (Minnie) : WIP
Davis, H. G. MBP
Davis, Ray : PRF96
Davis, Watkin Edwin (Watt) : WIP
Davis, Wille : PLH
Davis, Zelda : PRF94
de Fainchtein, Rosalinda Carcz : WIP
De La Rosa, Ruperto : SGP
de Lozanne, A. : PRW88, PFRS, PRSU89, PRSU91, PRSU93, PRF96
de Wette, Frederik W. “Fritz” : PRW88, DC, PFRS, PRSU90 PRF96
Deal, William E. “Bill”: SigPiSig
Deason, Larkin E. MBPA
Deavers, Les : PS, SGP
Deavers, Randall : PS
Deavers, Suzie : PS
Deavers, Vivian Walla : PS
Debever, R. RLMP
Decherd, George M., Jr. : WIP
Decherd, Loraine : MBP, WIP
Decherd, Martha L. : WIP
Deinken, Herman Porter
Demkov, Alex : PFRS
Deser, S. RLMP
De Wette, Frederik Willem
DeWitt, Bryce S. : AH, PFB, PRF96, PRSP03, RLMP, PRW88, PFRS, PRF94, PRSU90
DeWitt-Morette, Cécile : PRSP03, PFB, PFRS, PRF94, PRF96, PRSU93, RLMP
Diaz, A. RLMP
Dickens, Annie E. : PS
Dickens, L. Earl : MBPA, PS, CP
Dickens, Pleasant Lionel : PS
Dickson, Leonard E. RLMP, CP
Dicus, Duane A. : AH, PRSU90, PRSU93, RLMP, PRF96, PFRS
Dimopoulos, S. RLMP
Dirks, Susan : PRSU93
Distler, Jacques : PFRS, PRF94, PRF96, PRSP03
Ditmire, Todd : AH, PFRS, PRSP03
Doak, R. B. : PRSU90
Dodd, Dorothy : WIP
Doering, Charles R. :
Dombi, Geza : PS
Dominguez, Mary A. : SG
Dorland, William RLMP
Doty, E. William : PRF94, PRF96
Dow, J. D. : PRSU90
Dowell, C. T. : MBP, DPA
Downer, Jane : HS
Downer, MIchael C. : AH, PRF94, PRF96, PRSP03, PRSU90, PRSU91, PFRS, HS
Downey, Otis G. : SGP
Draayer, Jerry P. : PRF94
Draayer, Lois : PRF94
Drummond, William E. PBP, PFRS
Duff, Bob M. : PRF94, PRF96
Duke, C. B. : PRSU90
Dunham, Mary E. : PLH
Durden, J. : SGP
Dyer, James : PRF96


Ebaugh, Paul : PRF94, PRF96
Eberle, Elizabeth, MBP
Eberspacher, Chris : PRF94, PRF96
Eckhardt, Carl : MBP
Edrington, Jack : MBP
Edrington, Thomas Sydney : MBP
Edwards, Berryman Wheeler : MBP
Edwards, Don : PRSU91
Edwards, Griffith : MBP
Edwards, Howard Berryman, Jr. : MBP
Edwards, Preston Hampton : MBP, PFRS
Ehlers, Jürgen : PFRS
Ehrichs, Edward E. : PRSU89
Einstein, Albert PBP
Elias, David : PS
Ellis, Glen Edward
Ellison, Frank, Sr. : SGP
Ellzey, Marion Lawrence "Larry", Jr.
Embree, Jim : PRF94, PRF96
England, John : PS, SGP
Englert, F. RLMP
Erickson, Kenneth Warne : SigPiSig
Erlandson, Paul M. PBP, PFRS
Ennis, Malcolm Eugene: SigPiSig
Ermis, John E. : SGP,
Erskine, James L. : PRSU90, PRW88, PFRS, PRF96
Escandon, Eustaguio : HS
Espinosa, Kimberly : ADSS
Espinosa, Ramon : ADSS
Ettlinger, Hiram J. : MBP, WIP
Evans, C. : PRF94
Evans, Howard E. : PRF94, PRF96
Everett, Hildegard : CP
Everhardt, Edger E. : MBP
Ewan, Thomas K. : PRF96


Fain, Janice Sears Bloom : WIP
Fain, William Wharton : WIP
Fairchild, Robert : ADSS
Fay, Charles Hemphill : MBP
Fay, Dorothy Louise Wild : MBP
Fay, Edwin Whitfield : MBP
Fay, Lucy Belle Hemphill : MBP
Fay, Mary Smith : PRF94, PRF96, MBP
Featherstone, Andrew : PRF94
Feenberg, Eugene : MBP
Feld, Michael S. : PRSU91
Feng, Ching-Liang Lin : PRF94, PRF96
Ferguson, Eldon Earl: PFRS
Ferguson, Jim Gov. : MBP
Ferguson, Phil Moss : MBP
Fermi, Enrico RLMP
Ferry, Ervin Sidney : MBP
Fiete, Gregory : AH
Fine, Paul : PFRS
Fink, Ingrid : HS
Fink, Manfred : HS, PBP, PFRS, PRF94, PRF96, PRSP03, PRSU91, PRSU93
Finn, L. S. : PRF94
Fischler, Willy : PRF96, AH, PFRS
Fitzhugh, Barrett Thomas : PLH
Fitzpatrick, Richard : PFRS, PRF94, PRF96, PRSP03
Flawn, Peter : PRSP03
Fletcher, Josephine : WIP
Flete, Gregory A. : PFRS
Fleury, Paul PBP
Florin, Ernst-Ludwig : PFRS
Focht, Glenn Bryant : HS
Folacci, Antoine : PFB
Font, Anamaria
Foulks, Mary Gowen : WIP, SigPiSig
Fox, G. : PRF94
Foxworth, Walter L., II : PRF94 PRF96
Francis, Gladis : WIP
Francis, Nancy : PRSU90
Franklin, G. Charles : SGP
Fredricks, George : PFRS
Freedman, D. RLMP
Freeman, Richard L. : PRF96
Frère, J. RLMP
Friedrichsen, James : PRF94
Fritzsch, H. RLMP
Frommhold, Lothar W. : ADSS, AH, PFB, PRSU93, PFRS
Fuller, Grady Carlye MBP


Gagliano, Geraldine D. : SGP
Gaillard, M. RLMP
Gaines, Samuel Newton : MBP
Gale, H. G. : MBP
Galonsky, Aaron : PRF94
Gamble, Sharon : PS
Gamboa, Marynell : PS
Gammell, Mary Juanita Hill : WIP
Gammell, John: SigPiSig
Garcia, Luz M. : SGP
Garland, Chancellor : MBP
Garnel, Sue : PRSP03
Garrison, George Pierson : DPA
Garwin, Tim Lincoln : PFB
Gary, Enos Godfrey : MBP
Gastmans, R. RLMP
Gatto, R. RLMP
Gavenda, John David : PRF94, PRF96, PRSU89, VDRE, PRSP03, AH, PFB, PFRS
Géhéniau, J. RLMP
Geiger, Hans PBP
Geinzen, Dan : PRSP03
Gell-Mann, Murray : SRA
Gentle, Kenneth W. : PRSP03, DC, PFRS, PRF94, PRF96
Georgi, H. RLMP
Gibbon, Edward : CA
Gibbs, Eva Gayle : WIP
Gibbs, George : WIP
Gibbs, Philip : WIP
Gilbert, Cass : PLH, PRF96, PRSP03
Gilbert, Charles S. : PRF94, PRF96
Gill, Richardson B. : PRF94, PRF96
Gilliland, Leonard Francis : MBP, DPA
Gilman, F. : PRSU91
Ginsburg, Nathan : PRF94, PRF96, SigPiSig
Glascock, Bennie Leon : DPA
Glashow, Sheldon: PRSU91, RLMP
Gleeson, Austin : ADSS, AH, DC, PRSP03, PRSU89, PRSU91, PRSU93, PRW88, HS, PFRS, PRF96, PRSU90
Gleeson, Elizabeth B. : HS
Gleick, James : PRSU90, PRSU93
Goebel, John Edward "Dutch" FRC
Goetze, Ottomar Robert : VDRE
Goetze, Virginia : PS
Gompertz, Charles F. : DPA
Gonzales, Maria C. : SGP
Gooch, Adrian Gordon : MBP
Goodrich, Max : CA
Goodwin, Richard : PS
Gordon, Vernita : PFRS
Gorman, Michael A.
Goss, Bill : PS
Gould, Robert S. : MBP
Gourley Jr., Lloyd Eugene : SigPiSig
Gourley, Mary Gowen Foulks : WIP
Graves, Alvin Cushman PBP
Graves, Elizabeth Diz PBP
Gray, Truman Stretcher:
Graybeal, John M. : PRF94, PRF96
Grecos, A. RLMP
Greene, Brian : PRF96
Greenslade, Thomas B., Jr. : VDRE
Greenwood, Robert Ewing, Jr. : PRF94, PRF96
Gregory, Donald C. : PRF94, PRF96
Griffin, E. B. : PLH
Griffy, Thomas A. : ADSS, PFRS, PRF96, AH, DC, PRSP03, PRSU91 RLMP
Grisham, Larry R. : PRF96
Gross, D. RLMP
Grosskreutz, Joseph C. : PFRS
Gruber, Adolph August : MBPA, MBP, PS, DPA
Gruber, Anton : PS
Gruber, Eva : PS
Gruber, Gladys Lee : PS
Gruber, Louis Henry : CA, MBPA, MBP, PS
Gruber, Mary Allison : PS
Gruber, Rosa Maude Smith : PS
Guajardo, Rudy E. : SGP
Gudkov, V. V. : PFB
Gürsey, F. RLMP
Guthrie, G. T. : PRF94, PRF96
Guy, Ashley : MBP
Guy, Kaci Morrow : MBP
Guy, Meggan : MBP
Guy, Page : PS
Guy, Phil : MBP


Hackerman, Norman PBP, PRF94, PRF96
Hadden, David : WIP
Hadden, Mariann : WIP
Hagen, Dorothy E. : SGP
Haggarty, Michael : PFRS
Haisler, Mark : PRF94
Hall, Nellie M. : PLH
Halstead, G. B. : MBP, RLMP, DPA
Hammond, Thomas Morgan : MBP
Hampton, Loyd
Hampton, Wade III : MBP
Hampton, Wade IV : MBP
Haney, Aaron : PRF94
Hanson, Gail G. : PRF96
Hanson, Harold P. : SRA, DC, HS, PBP, PFB, PFRS, PRF94
Hanson, Mary Jean PBP
Hanson, Steven PBP
Harari, H. RLMP
Hardee, Nathan : PRF94, PRF96
Harding, Annie : PRSP03
Hargitai, Istvan PBP
Harler, Emma N. : SGP
Harper, Harry Winston : DPA
Harper, Joseph Perry PBP
Harrison, Elizabeth : MBP
Harrison, Fannie (Amanda) : MBP
Harrison, James F., Jr. : PFRS, MBP, DPA
Harrison, James F., Sr. : MBP
Harrison, James Francis, III : MBP
Harrison, Mary : MBP
Harrison, Massillon : MBP
Harrison, Susie : MBP
Hart, M. E. : PRF94
Hasdorff, Robert : PS
Hatfield, T. N. : CA
Hawking, Stephen : PRSP03
Hawkins, Jerry A. : PRF94, PRF96
Hayes, Rutherford B. : MBP
Hayworth, Leland J. PBP
Hazeltine, Richard D. : AH, DC, PFB, PRSP03, PRSU93, PFRS, PRF96
Hazelton, Hazel J. : SGP
Hazlett, Steve : ADSS
Heard, Mary MBP, DPA
Heinzen, Daniel J. : PRF94, PRSU93, PFRS, PRF96, PRSU91
Heisenberg, Werner MBP, PBP
Heitmancik, Millie Jurcak PBP
Hejtmancik, Milton Rudolph PBP
Hejtmancik, Rudolph J. PBP
Henderson, Jerry D. : PRF94, PRF96
Henderson, Sherry : WIP
Herbert, Barbara Hanson
Herbst, Walter E. : PRF94, PRF96
Herman, F. PBP
Herman, Robert : AH, PFRS, PRSU93 RLMP
Herod, Newton S. MBP
Herrel, Dennis : PRF94
Herring, Conyers PBP, SigPiSig
Hickman, Terrell Louis : PS
Hicks, Mike : PRF94
Hickson, Edna E. : PS
Higdon, John Cline MBP, DPA
Hill, Mary Juanita : SigPiSig
Hill, Otto H. : PRF94, PRF96
Hinton, Fred : PFRS
Hirsch, Louis : PS
Hirschorn, Martin : PRF94, PRF96
Hise, Van : WIP
Hode, Fritz E. : SGP
Hodges, Albert Clarence MBP
Hoffmann, Gerald W. : AH, PBP, PRSP03, PFRS, PRF94, PRF96
Hofstadter, R. RLMP
Holcomb, Katherine Ann : WIP
Hollingsworth, Robert E. : PRF94, PRF96
Holloway, Jean : PRSU93
Holloway, Sterling : PRSU93
Holt, William H.
Hooft, G. RLMP
Hooten, Linda PBP
Horton, Claude W. Sr. : CA, AH, DC, PLH, PFB, PFRS, PBP, SigPiSig
Horton, Claude Wendell, Jr. : PFRS, PRF96, PRSU90, PRF94, PRSU93
Horton, Louise : PRF94
Horwitz, Lawrence P. : PFB
Howell, Lynn Gorman MBP
Hoyt, Frank C. MBP
Hubixz, John L., Jr. : PRSU89
Hudler, Katherine : PS
Hudler, Stanley B. : PS
Hudson, Tammy : PRSU91
Hudspeth, Emmett Leroy : CA, PRSP03, PRF94, PRSU91, PRSU93, DC, PBP, PFRS, HS, PRF96
Hughes, Darrell Stephen : HS, PFRS, PBP, PRF94, SigPiSig
Hughes, Leah Belle : PS
Humphreys, Milton W. MBP, DPA
Hund, F. MBP
Hungerman, Sister John Clement : WIP
Hunt, Gwendolyn D. : PRF94, PRF96
Hunt, Ted PBP
Hurt, Shirley Ann : ADSS, PRSU93
Hussien, Robert : PS
Huston, Lorene Elizabeth PBP
Hutton, Allen Quillin : CA, PRF94
Hyer, Robert S. : CP


Ibach, H. : PRSU90
Ichikawa, Y. H. : PRSU91
Ichimaru, S. : PRSU91
Imbo, Tom : PRSU90
Infeld, Leopold PBP
Ireland, John : WIP
Ireton, Jack MBP
Ireton, John MBP
Isaac, Randall D. : PRF96
Ito, Masaaka : PRF94, PRF96
Ivash, Eugene V. : PRSP03, PFRS, PRF94, PRF96
Ivey, Robert Charles


Jackman, A. S. : PS
Jackson, J. David RLMP
Jacobsen, Henrietta : PRF94, PRF96
Jaensson, Swen : PLH
Jaffe, R. I. : PRSP03
Jagger, James William "Jim" : PS, CNS
Jares, Danny : PS
Jarlskog, C. RLMP
Jaynes, Edwin MBP
Jeffress, Lloyd A. PBP, CA
Jeffrey, Lela Mae : SigPiSig
Jeng, lue-hua Grace : WIP
Jenkins, Robert T. : SGP
Jensen, B. RLMP
Johns, Christopher M. : PRF94, PRF96, PRSU89
Johnson, Cone Land : PS
Johnson, Joseph E. : PS
Johnson, Myrtle Velma Sloan : PS
Johnson, Rebekah Baines : ADSS
Johnston, Peggy PBP
Johnston, Robert Bruce PBP
Johnston, Walfred: SigPiSig
Joiner, Bennett A., Jr. : PRF96
Jones, Constance J. : WIP
Jones, Miriam Jauchler : WIP
Jones, Robert S. : PRF94, PRF96
Jones, Spenser PBP
Jones, Thomas Griffith : WIP
Jourdan, Mary Eliza MBP
Juergans, Dick : PS
Jungmichel, Charlie : ADSS


Kaka, Shehzaad : PRF96
Kallianpur, Kalpana J. : WIP
Kaplunovsky, Vadim : PFRS, PRF96, PRSP03
Kawabe, Toshihiro Shimo
Keefer, Mark : PS
Keenan, Doug : WIP
Kehoe, Cindy : PLH
Kemble, Edwin C. MBP
Kennard, Paul MBP
Kent, Jeffery : PS
Kerr, Roy PatrickPBP, PFRS
Kerrigan, John : PRF94, PS
Ketkar, Suhas N. : PRF94, PRF96
Keto, Eric : PS
Keto, John W. : PRF96, PRSP03, PRW88, PFRS
Key, Margaret MacLelland RLMP
Khokhlov, R. V. PBP
Killgore, Billy J. : PS
Kimble, H. Jeff : PRF94, PRSU93, PRW88, PRF94, PFRS, PS
King, Buelah L. : SGP
King, Cheng-Hu : PRF96
Kinsey, Bernhard Bruno PBP, PRF94, PRF96, PFRS
Kinsey, Marian Hall Dyer: PRF96
Kinsey, Nicholas : PRF96
Kinsey, Peter : PRF96
Kinsolving, George H. MBP
Kirby, Mrs : WIP
Kittel, Charles PBP
Klaehn, Opal F. : SGP
Klauder, J. : PRSU91
Klein, Douglas : PFRS
Klein, Josh : AH
Klein, Joshua : PRSP03
Kleinman, Leonard : PFRS, PRF96 PBP, PRW88
Klepper, David L. : PRF94, PRF96
Kluth, Edward O. : PRF94, PRF96
Knebel, D. V. Kitty : WIP
Knight, Gertrude A. MBP, DPA
Knobles, David P. : PRF94, PRF96
Kodosky, Gail : HS, PBP
Kodosky, Jeffrey Leo : HS, PRF96, PBP
Koenig, A. G. MBP
Kohn, Walter : PRSU91
Kondepudi, Dilip RLMP, PFB
Kopp, Sacha : PRSP03, AH, PFRS
Koschmieder, Thomas : PRF96
Koser, Jack D.: PFRS
Kotz, Norma C. : ADSS, PRSP03, PRF96
Kowarski, Lew PBP
Krinsky, V. I. : PRSU93
Krohn, Christine Elizabeth Poe : WIP
Kroll, Harry David PBP
Kruse, Olan E. : PRF96
Kuchar, Karel : PRF96
Kuehne, Ferdinand Frederich : PLH
Kuehne, John Mathias : CP, MBPA, PG, PRW88, PLH, DC, WIP, MBP, PBP, PFRS, DPA, SigPiSig
Kuehne, Lydia Anna Eliese Melchior : PLH
Kuehne, Marie Wild : PLH
Kuehne, Walter : SigPiSig
Kühn, Albert : VDRE
Kuklewicz, Chris : PRF96
Kurtz, Russell : PRF94, PRF96
Kykta, Martin : PRF96
Kyoung-Jin, Lee : PRF94


Lacey, John : PRSU93
LaCoste, Lucien Jean Baptiste : PRW88, PBP, PFRS, CA, MBP
LaGrone, Scott : PRF96
Laguna, P. : PRF94
Lamb, W. : PRSU91
Land, Katherine Perdue : PS
Lane, Alvin : DPA
Lane, J. J. : WIP
Lane, James Matthew : CND
Lane, Richard N. PBP, PRF94, PRF96
Lang, Karol : PFRS PRSP03, PRSU91
Lansford, Edwin MBP
Larson, John : PRF94
Latham, Susan Lynette : WIP
Latham, Vickie : PS
Latimer, Margo M. : SGP
Lau, Lee Ying : PRF96
Laurent, Nneka : PRSU89
Lawrence, E. O. : PRF96
Lawrence, Merritt Tryon : WIP
Lawrence, Thelma Wright MBP
Lea, J. D. PBP
Lederan, Leon M. : PRF96
Lederman, L. RLMP
Lee, Hing Lau : PRF94
Legan, Mike : PRF94
Legate, Gail Lemar : WIP
Lense, J. : PRW88
Lenske, H. : PRF94
Leonard, James W. : PLH
Leonard, Thomas E. : SGP
Lewis, George : WIP
Lewis, Katherine : WIP
Lewis, Scott : WIP
Lewis, Will : WIP
Li, Xiaoqin : PFRS
Lichtenberg, Virgil W. : PLH
Lie, Sophus : CP
Lightfield, Thomas J. PBP
Lin, Timothy T. : PRF94, PRF96
LIndman, Erick L. : PFRS
Lindsay, Bert W. : PRF94
Lipson, Leonard Berger : SigPiSig
Little, Phillip F. : PFRS
LIttle, Robert N. : HS, PBP, PFRS, SigPiSig. CA
LIttle, Scott R. : HS
Little, Stephanie : HS
Livingston, William S. : SGP
Locher, Benjamin Carter : PRF94
Lock, George A. : PRF94, PRF96
Lockenvitz, Arthur E. MBP, MBPA, PRF94, PRSUU89, PRW88, VDRE, CA, HS, PBP, PFRS, DPA, SigPiSig
Lockenvitz, Margaret MBP, PRW88, PRF96, DPA
Locker, Benjamin C. : PRF96
Lomax, John Avery MBP, DPA
Long, Joyce : WIP
Long, William Henry Long, Jr. MBP, DPA
Löwdin, Per-Olov : PRSU93 RLMP
Lowe, Dudley : PS
Lucas, George : PRSU90, PS
Luckey, John F. : ADSS
Luckey, Lena Bergstrom : ADSS
Luckey, Raymond : ADSS
Luckey, Susie L. : ADSS
Luhman, Kevin : PRSU93
Luyas, Gloria A. : PRF94
Lynn, Alan : PRF96


MacDonald, Allan H. : PFRS, AH, RLMP
Macfarlane, Alexander : PFB, DC, MBP, PFRS
Macfarlane, Daniel MBP
Macfarlane, James MBP
Macfarlane, Jeanette Steele MBP
Macfarlane, Peter MBP
Mackey, George : PRF96
MacMahon, Alan : PFRS
Macune, Charles William : DPA, PBP
Madere, Steve RLMP
Madison, Eva Camille MBP
Maer, N. Kemp Jr : HS
Magee, Davide : WIP
Magee, Kyle : WIP
Magee, Lindsey : WIP
Magee, Pamela : WIP
Magnenat, Florence MBP, DPA
Mahajan, Swadesh M. : PRSU91
Makowitz, Henry : PRF94, PRF96
Mallet, John Ormond MBP
Mallet, John William MBP
Mallet, Mary Constance Helen MBP
Mallet, Robert William MBP
Mallett, John William : DC, PFRS
Mallory, Lois Holt : PBP, ADSS, SigPiSig
Mann, Darren : PRF94
Mansbendel, Peter : CA
Maple, Brian : PRSU90
Marcus, Phillip : PRSU93, PRW88
Marder, Michael P. : PRF96, PRSP03, PRSU91, PFB, PFRS, PRF94, PRSU89, PRW88
Marinov, Michael : PRF94, PRF96
Mark, Hans : PRSU91
Markert, John T. : DC, PRSP03, PRSU91, PFB, PFRS, PRF96, PRSU90
Marsden, Ernest PBP
Marshak, Robert E. : PRSU91, PBP, RLMP
Marshall, Charles Herbert MBP, SigPiSig
Martin, Daniel W. : PRF94, PRF96
Martin, Herb : SigPiSig
Martin, Jean K. : PLH
Martinez, Jesse : PS
Martinez, Robert : PRF94
Massingill, George : SigPiSig
Mather, R. H. MBP
Mather, William Tyler : DC, MBP, PFRS, PS, DPA, PG, PRW88
Matl, Peter : PRSU93
Matsen, Alfred : PFRS
Matsen, Frederick Albert : HS, PRF94, PRF96, WIP, PRSU93, PBP, DPA, SigPiSig
Matthews, Michael : PRF94
Matthews, R. P. PBP
Matzner, Richard : PRF94, PRW88, PFB, PFRS, PRF96
Mawhorter, Richard J., Jr. : PRF94, PRF96
Maxey, Anamary Davis : WIP
Maxey, Ed : WIP
Maxwell, W. J. MBP
Mayer, Thomas : PRF96
Mayo, William L. PBP
McBee, Frank : PRF96, PS
McBee, Sue Brandt : PRF96, PS
McCarter, Thomas Beatie MBP, DPA
McCarty, L. E. MBP
McClish, Lela J. : SGP
McCormack, Kent : HS, PRF96
McCormack, Linda : HS
McCormick, Bill : AH
McCormick, Esther (Flora): PRF96
McCormick, William D.: PRSU89, PRW88, PFRS, PRF96
McCracken, Dick : WIP
McDaniel, Dillon H.
McDonald, Amanda Howell MBP, PLH
McDonald, Bart MBP
McGuire, Joe : PS
McGuire, Mac : CA
McKinney, Chester M. : PFRS, PRF94, PRF96, PBP
McKinney, Howard E. : CA
McMinn, Nancy F. : HS
McMinn, Rose M. : HS
McMinn, William A., II : HS, PRSU90
McMinn, William A., III : HS, PRF94
McMullen, Edgar MBP
McNeill, Archie Stewart : WIP
McNight, Ed : PS
McRae, Austin Lee MBP, PFRS
Medina, Ricardo : PS
Meger, Anna W. MBP
Meger, Louise MBP
Mehra, J. RLMP
Meiss, J. D. : PFB
Mellenbruch, Larry L. : SGP
Merka, Edward B. : SGP
Merrigan, Mary Ann : WIP
Mesel, Leon : PRF94
Meyers, Steven : PRW88
Mezes, Sidney E. MBPA
Michie, James Newton: PFRS
Michie, Robert B. : PRF94
Mifsud, Joseph F. : PRF94, PRF96
Miller, Bob : WIP
Miller, Clarence H. MBP
Miller, D. C. : CA
Miller, David PBP
Miller, John Jaimerson : CA, PFRS, PBP, MBP, DPA, SigPiSig
Miller, Juanita PBP, DPA
Miller, Layman Newsom PBP, PRF94, PRF96, PFRS
Miller, Louis Lionel MBP
Miller, Mary R. : SGP
Miller, Warren : PRW88
Millett, Ethel : PRSU90
Millett, Walter E. : PRF94, PRSU90, WIP, HS, PBP, PFRS
Millhouse, Cassie : PLH
Millikan, Robert A. : CP
Minor, Janice R. : SGP
MIsra, B. RLMP
Mitchell, Caroline McCulloch : WIP
Mitchell, John W. : WIP
Mitchell, Stella : WIP
Modigliana, Jennifer : PRF96
Moffett, Julia Ann : WIP
Monette, Carol : PS
Monk, George S. MBP
Moore, C. Fred : PRF94, PBP, PFRS, PRF96, PRSP03
Moore, E. H. RLMP
Moore, E. Taylor, Jr. MBP, DPA
Moore, Margaret MacLelland Key RLMP
Moore, Robert Lee MBP, CA, RLMP
Morales, Reynaldo "Rey"
Morgan, Ira Lon : PRF94, HS, PRF96
Morgan, Jennifer PBP
Morgan, Jerry A. : PRF96
Morgan, Pat : ADSS
Morris, Fred John : WIP, PFRS
Morrison, Phillip J. : PRSU91, PRW88, AH, PRSU93, PFRS
Morrow, Clint MBP
Morrow, Cory MBP
Morrow, Katherine : WIP
Morrow, Kristi MBP
Morrow, Stephanie Beatrice Fain : WIP
Morshok, R. RLMP
Morton, John : PLH
Mott, Neville : PRF94
Mowrey, Dan Grant : PLH
Mudd, Amy : WIP
Muir, Thomas G., Jr.
Müller, Franz : VDRE
Mulliken, Robert S. MBP
Muniz, Amalia : SGP
Murphy, Orlando Joseph: MBP
Murphey, Layton B. : PLH
Musica, Phillip : VDRE


Naito, Michiro : HS
Nalle, George S., Jr. : PRF94, PRF96
Nambu, Y. : PRSU91
Nasby, Robert D. : PRF94, PRF96
Nash, Harold E. : PRF94, PRF96
Natek, Nancy H. : PRSU89
Ne'eman, Yuval RLMP, PRSU90, AH, PFRS, PRSP03, SRA, PRF96, PBP
Neal, Clarice G. : SGP
Neideffer, Roger : PS
Nellis, Donald O., Sr. : PRF96
Nelson, David : PS
Nelson, John William PBP
Nelson, R. R. MBP
Newman, Dorothy Louise PBP
Newman, Mary S. : PRF96
Newman, Robert Bradford MBP, PBP
Newton, Clarence Jonathan : PFRS, SigPiSig
Nichols, H. P. : PRF94, PRF96
Nichols, Marvin Curtis MBP
Nicholson, Barbara E. : PLH
Nicolis, Gregoire : PFB
Nikonovich, Peter J. : PRF96
Niu, Qian : PFRS, PRF96, PRSP03, PRSU91, PRSU93
Nolen, William L., Jr. : PRF94 PRF96
Noll, Joan Wheeler PBP
Nolle, Alfred Wilson : PRF94, PRS96, PBP, MBP, PRSU90, PFRS
Nolle, Peggy : PRSU90
Noonan, Mary Alice : WIP
Norby, C. P. MBP, DPA
Norman, W. W. : CP
Normand, Charles Ernest MBP
Northrup, Ansel J. MBP
Northrup, Edwin Fitch MBP
Northrup, Eliza S. MBP
Northrup, Margaret J. Stewart MBP
Northrup, Edwin Fitch : PFRS
Norvell, K. A. : PRF94, PRF96
Nowlin, Bill PBP
Nunnally, James E. : PRF94


O. Henry MBP
O'Bell, Donald : PRF94
O'Bell, Leslie : PRF94
O'Byrne, Eugene : WIP
O'Byrne, Michael : WIP
O'Byrne, Sister Michael Edward MBP, WIP
O'Raifeartaigh, L. : PRSU91
O’Connor, J. L. MBP
O’Connor, Richard MBP
Oakes, Melvin E. L. : PRSU89, ADSS, VDRE, AH, PRF94, PRF96, PRSP03, PRSU91, PRSU93, HS, PFRS, PRW88
Oelrich, Helen Kubiak : ADSS
Ogata, Hisashi : PRF94
Ogden, Mary McMinn : HS
Ohanian, Hans C. : PFB
Okamoto, M. : PRF94
Olewin, George : PS
Oppenheimer, J. Robert : PRF96
Orbach, Raymond : PFRS
Ordenez, C. RLMP
Ormond, Mary Elizabeth MBP
Orozco, Luis : PRF94, PRF96
Ortuno, Arestea : SGP
Osborn, Don : PRSU90, PS
Osborn, Frederick A. MBP
Ossa, Xenia De La
Ownsby, W. S. MBP


Paban, Sonia : AH, PFRS, PRSP03
Packard, Robert G.
Page, Jo Ann : SGP
Painter, Theophilus S. : CA, MBP, PBP, RLMP
Painter, Wendy : PRF96
Palm, Swane : PLH
Pan, Shuheng H.
Panofsky, W. K. H. : PRF96
Park, Robert Lee
Parker, Aaron S. : WIP
Parker, Bertha Lee : WIP
Parker, D. Roy : WIP
Parker, Ira : WIP
Parker, Ivy : WIP
Parker, J. Otis : WIP
Parker, Myrtle Evelyn Pegram : WIP
Parker, Sanders Ewell : WIP
Parks, Hamilton Blair : PFRS
Parrott, Kathryn Ruth PBP
Parsons, Ronald G.: PFRS
Partain, Robert Abner MBP
Pati, J. RLMP
Patton, Joyce : ADSS, PRSU93
Pauda, Jose D. : PRF94
Pauda, Jose M. : PRF96
Paulin, Eugene Adam MBP
Pauling, Linus : CA, PBP
Payne, Myrna Kay : ADSS
Pearson, Angus George : SigPiSig
Pearson, Arthur MBP
Pearson, Erna Herzog : SigPiSig
Pedrocchi, Valento G. : PRF96
Pellam, John : PS
Pelli, Cesar : PRF96
Pendry, J. : PRSU90
Perry, O. T. : CP
Peterson, Dottie : PRSU91
Phillips, Anne Notley : SigPiSig
Phillips, Donald D. : PRF94, PRF96, PBP, SigPiSig
Phillips, Gerald C. : PRF94, PRF96
Phillips, Jim PBP
Peterson, FLoyd H. : SGP
Pieper, Andrew John MBP
Pieper, David Bernard MBP
Pieper, David Gray MBP
Pieper, John Samuel MBP
Pieper, Sam, Jr. MBP
Pierce, George Washington MBP, PFRS
Pierce, Stephen : PS
Pierles, Rudolf PBP
Pilgrim, Ray E. : SGP
Pinget, Jim : PRF96, PS
Plummer, Lawrence : PS
Poindexter, F. E. MBP
Polchinski, Joseph G. : PRSU91, PFRS
Pondrom, Walter Lewis, Jr. : CA, PRF94, PRF96, PFRS, SigPiSig
Porter, John R.
Porter, M. B. MBP
Porter, Willliam Sydney MBP
Pound, Mary E. : PLH
Pressler, Otto : VDRE
Pressler, Rudolf : VDRE
Preston, Jack Degge MBP
Prigogine, Ilya : AH, PBP, PFB, PFRS, PRF96, PRSP03, PRSU90, PRSU91, PRSU93, PRW88, RLMP, SRA
Proud"homme, John Thomas
Prouse, Ervin Joseph PBP, SigPiSig
Purcell, Ed PBP
Purcell, Joy : PS


Quevedo, Fernando


Rabi, I. I. PBP
Raizen, Mark : PFRS, PRF94, PRSP03, PRSU93, AH, PRF96
Ramond, P. : PRSU91
Ramsey, Ben PBP
Ramsey, Clayton William MBP
Ramsey, Donald Clayton, Jr. MBP
Ramsey, Ian Donald MBP
Ramsey, J. W. MBP
Ramsey, Norman F. : PRSU91, PRF96, PRSU93
Ramsey, Samantha Leanne MBP
Rankin, Dean Maryann : AH
Rankin, Mary Ann : PRSP03
Rapaport, Jacobo : PRF94
Rawls, Elizabeth “Betsy” PBP
Ray, L. : PRF94
Read, Roxie Clark
Reames, Elizabeth : WIP
Reed, Johnny : PS
Reed, Myril Baird PBP
Reep, Larry : PS
Refregier, Alexandre : PRSU91
Regan, Robert J. : PRF96
Reich, Jess : PS
Reichart, John D. : PRF94, PRF96
Reichi, Linda E. : PRF96RLMP, PRW88, RLMP, WIP, PFB, PFRS, PRSP03
Reichman, Fritz : MBP
Reignier, J. RLMP
Renfro, Kaddie : PS
Reynolds, George Millar : PLH
Rhein, Walter Joseph PBP, PFRS
Rhoades, Connie : ADSS
Rhodes, Mary M. : SGP
Ricardo, Laura : PS
Rice, Charles D. : DPA
Richardson, Chris : PRSU93
Richardson, Louis : ADSS
Richardson, Marion : ADSS
Richardson, Sid W. : HS
Rickard, James A. : PRF94, PRF96
Ride, Sally RLMP
Rieger, Melvin J. : HS
Rienstra, William Walter
Riley, Eva : HS
Riley, Peter J. : PRF94, PRSU91, PRSU93, DC, HS, PFRS, PRF96
Ripley, Louisa MBP
Ritchie, Jack L. : PFRS, PRW88
Roberts, Oran M. MBP, DPA
Robertson, Luke Craten : DPA
Robertson, Margaret : PRSU90
Robertson, W. W. : PRSU90, PRW88, WIP, PBP, PFRS, PRF94, PRF96, DPA, SigPiSig
Robinette, Rosalie Ann : WIP
Robinson, John : PRF96
Robson, Anthony E. "Bertie" : PFRS
Rodriguez, Secundino : SGP
Roe, Louisa Stuart MBP
Roeder, Robert : CP
Rogers, John R. :
Rogers, Will MBPA
Romberg, Arnold : PRW88, ADSS, CA, DC, HS, MBP, MBPA, MBP, PFRS, WIP, DPA
Romberg, Ernst : ADSS
Romberg, Gary : HS
Romberg, Helyn L. : HS
Rooks, Dawna Ellen MBP
Roosevelt, Franklin D. MBP
Rosenbluth, Marshall N. : PFRS, AH, RLMP
Ross, David W. : PFRS
Rostetter, Eric Jon : PS
Rostow, Walt : PRSU91
Rowe, Florence Edna MBP, DPA
Rowland, H. A. MBP
Rubbio, C. RLMP
Rucker, Augusta MBP, DPA
Rudmose, Christelle PBP
Rudmose, H. Wayne : HS, PRF94, PRF96, PBP
Ruffini, Frederick E. MBP
Ruiz, Marie Cervantez : PS
Ruiz, Ricardo, Jr. : PS, PRSU93
Rush, Rufus Rondeau MBP
Rushing, Eugene F. : SGP
Russell, Carol W. : SGP
Russell, Sadie : ADSS
Rust, Ray Dean:
Ryan, Bill : PS
Ryan, Michael P. : PFB


Sachdev, Subir : PRSP03
Sachs, Rainer Kurt "Ray": PFRS
Saied, F. : PRF94
Sakewitz, Kanneth R. : SGP
Salam, Abdus RLMP, PRSP03, RLMP
Salge, Lu PBP
Salge, Raymond PBP
Salisbury, Don : PRF94
Sánchez, Carmen Elena : WIP
Sánchez, Margarita de : WIP
Sandefur, Charlie : PS
Sandefur, George : PS
Sandefur, Lanny : PS
Sanders, C. J. : CA, SigPiSig
Sanders, Isaac Christopher MBP
Sandlin, Billy Joe : PRF94
Sandy, John : PLH
Sanford, Jean W. : SGP
Sankey, Eva M. : WIP
Savage, Hattie Francis MBP, WIP
Saylor, P. : PRF94
Schambach, Joachim : PRF94, PRSP03
Scherr, Charles W. : PRF94, PRSP03, PBP, PFRS
Schieve, William C. : PFB, PFRS RLMP
Schild, Alfred : PFB, PBP, PFRS, SRA
Schlüter, Hans PBP, PFRS
Schmidt, Phil : ADSS
Schmitt, Harold W.
Schmitt, Roland : PRF94, PRF96
Schnabel, Charles PBP
Schoch, Eugene P. MBP, DPA
Schreiner, Henry F. “Hank,” Jr. RLMP
Schreiner, Henry, III : RLMP
Schreiner, Kaysen RLMP
Schreiner, Patty RLMP
Schroeder, Allan, L. : PS
Schroeder, Gerald E. : SGP
Schuhmann, Ewald W. MBP, DPA
Schücking, Englebert Levin : PFRS
Schulte, Jayne : PLH
Schwetman, Herberg : PRSU89
Schwitters, Roy F.: DC, RLMP, AH, PFRS, PRF96, PRSP03, PRSU90
Scott, Donald : PS
Searies, Don : WIP
Sebring, Paul B. : PRF94, PRF96
Seeliger, Ronald A. : PLH
Segura, Joe : PS
Seriff, Aaron Jay : SigPiSig
Seidel, H. E. : PRF94
Selman, Karon : ADSS
Seyfers, Mike : PRSU91
Seymour, Darren : WIP
Seymour, Jace : WIP
Seymour, Jenna : WIP
Seymour, Natalie : WIP
Shapiro, S. : PRF94
Sharpe, Edwin R. : SGP
Sharp, John : SigPiSig
Sharp, James M.: SigPiSig
Sheinberg, Israel : PRF96
Shell, George : PS
Shelton, Ashley : WIP
Shelton, Becky : WIP
Shelton, Grant : WIP
Shelton, Laura : WIP
Shelton, McKenzie : WIP
Shepley, Lawrence C. : PFRS, PFB
Shield, Ira R. : SGP
Shih, Chih-Kang Ken : PRSU90, PFRS, PRF96, PRSP03
Shipman, Orian W. : PS
Shipsey, Edward J. :
Shortley, George : WIP
Shubeita, George : AH, PFRS
Shuddemagan, Conrad Louis Benoni MBP, PFRS
Shudeman, Conrad Louis Benoni MBP, PFRS
Shvets, Gennady : PFRS
Sicking, Charles : PRF94, PRF96
Siebert, Carl : VDRE
Sikes, David L. : SGP
Silczek, F. RLMP
Sillard, Thomas Abraham MBP
Silvesti, Anibal Milan : WIP
Silvey, Oscar William MBP
Simonds, Frederic W. : CP
Singer, I. RLMP
Singh, V. RLMP
Sitz, Greg : AH, PRSP03, PFRS, PRF96, PRSU90
Sivan, Richard D. : PRF96, PRF94
Skinner, Aubrey : PLH
Smalley, R. E. : PRF96
Smarr, L. : PRF94
Smimov, Alexei : PRSP03
Smith, Ashbel MBP
Smith, Brackin : PRF94, PRF96
Smith, C. G. MBP
Smith, Charles : PS
Smith, Cindy : WIP
Smith, E. E. : CP
Smith, Elizabeth : PRF94, PRF96
Smith, Felix Ezell MBP, DPA
Smith, Gail Ford MBP
Smith, Harlan : PRSU93
Smith, Martin : PLH
Smith, Mary MBP
Smith, Michael D. : PRF94, PRF96
Smith, Noyes DarlingMBP
Smoluchowski, Roman : PRW88, PFRS, PRSU91, RLMP
Sandefur, Krissy : PS
Sommeria, Joel : PRW88
Sorenson, Conrad T. : PRF96
Spearman Jr., William Leslie: PHP
Spence, George B. : PS, PRF94, PFRS
Spicer, William : PRSU90
Spillar, Ava : PS
Spillar, Brynn : PS
Spillar, Derek : PS
Spillar, Eryca : PS
Spillar, Ethel : PS
Spillar, Gail : PS
Spillar, Jerry Douglas : PS
Springer, John E. : PRF94, PRF96
Squire, C. F. : PS PRF96
Stanbrough, Jess H. : PRF94, PRF96
Steimle, Robert : PRF96
Stengers, Isabelle : PFB
Stephens, Jack L. : PS
Stewart, Ellen : WIP
Stewart, James R. : SGP
Stewart, Leona Miller : WIP
Stilbitz, George R. : CA
Stokes, Betty : WIP
Stokes, John : WIP
Stone, Melisa C. : PS
Straiton, Archie Waugh MBP
Strange, Lewis : PS
Strong, Roger L. : PRF94, PRF96
Stuk, Linda Gail : PRSU89
Sturgill, Connie : PS
Sturgill, Roger : PS
Suchan, Glen : ADSS
Sudarshan, E. C. G. : PRF94, PRSP03, AH, PFRS, PRF96, PRF94, RLMP
Sugar, Eduardo : PRSU91
Sugawara, H. RLMP
Susskind, L. RLMP
Swift, Jack B. : PFRS
Swinney, Harry L. : PRF96, PRSP03, PRW88, AH, PFRS, PRF94, PRSU90, PRSU91
Sykes, David : PS
Synge, J. L. : PFB


Tajima, Fumiko : PRF96
Tajima, Toshi : PRF94, PRF96 PRSU91 PRF94
Takamatsu, Tamako : PRF94, PRF96
Tallichet, Henri MBP, DPA
Tamura, Motoko : PRF94, PRF96
Tamura, Taro : PFRS, PRW88
Tapley, Brian : PRSU89, PRW88
Tasch, Al F., Jr. : PRF96, PRF94
Tata, X. RLMP
Tatum, Elizabeth Harrison MBP
Tatum, Gordon Russell MBP
Tatum, Linnia MBP
Tatum, Marvin MBP
Taylor, Joe : PRSP03
Taylor, Roger H. : PRF94
Taylor, Thomas U. : CP
Teitelboim, Claudio : PRSU91, RLMP, PRW88, PFRS
Terrell, John J. : PRF94, PRF96
Terrell, Judge MBP
Teukolsky, S. : PRF94
Thirring, H. : PRW88
Thomae, Divi : WIP
Thomas, Frances A. MBP
Thomas, Gary : PS
Thomas, James Louis MBP
Thompson, Alan K. : HS
Thompson, Carol May : HS, PRF96
Thompson, Denis Brian : HS
Thompson, J. C. : PFB
Thompson, J. Neils : PS
Thompson, James C. : PRSU91, HS, PFRS, PRF96, PS, VDRE
Thompson, Karl Kelvin : HS
Thompson, M. A. : CP
Thornberry, Marian Harris : HS
Thurston, George B. : SigPiSig, PBP, PFRS
Tilley, W. Hope MBP
Timmons, Sandra Wittig : PS
Tisdale, Willie G. : SGP
Todaro, Martin : ADSS
Toennies, J. P. : PRSU90
Townsend, Emma Agnes MBP, WIP
Townsend, Jesse : WIP
Tozer, H. F. RLMP
Trappe, Karl : PFRS, PRF96, PRSP03, PRSU89, PRSU90, PRSU91, PRW88, PS
Trevino, Jesse : PS
Trickett, Paul C. : SGP
Trisnadi, Jahja Irwanto : PRF94, PRF96
Trisnadi, Kristina : PRF96
Tropp, Richard J. :
Trotter, Donald McLean, Jr. : PRF94, PRF96
Trull, Florence M. : HS
Trull, Robert B. : HS
Trump, Matthew : PFB
Trybyszewski, Felix J. : ADSS
Trybyszewski, Janee M. Richardson : ADSS
Trybyszewski, Joseph : ADSS
Trybyszewski, Martha : ADSS
Tsoi, Maxim : PFRS
Tsui, King Hay
Turck, Florence A. : PRF94
Turman, Bobby Neal
Turner, Anne E. Hunter MBP
Turner, Brian : PRF94
Turner, Grant MBP
Turner, Jack : AH, PRSP03, PRSU89, PFRS
Turner, Katie MBP
Turner, Kelly L. MBP
Turvan, Larry : PRF94
Tyan, Yeong Long : PRF94, PRF96
Tyler, Cordelia MBP


Udagawa, Takeshi : PFRS, PRF94, PRF96, PRW88
Udden, Svante Mauritz MBP, DPA
Ueta, Toshiya : PRF96
Uglum, John R., III : PRSU91
Ulrich, Bruce T. : PFRS


Valentine, Carolyn : PRF96
van Dam, James W. : PRSP03, RLMP, PRF94, PRF96,
Van Horn, Katherine : WIP
Vasudev, P. I. : PRF96
Villagran, Juan : PRSU91
Vinclovsky, Jeff : PRF94
Vivant, William Joseph Jr. : SigPiSig
Von Hove, L. RLMP
Von Koenneritz, Helena Bowers MBP, WIP
Vorloou, Olga : ADSS, PRF94, PRF96


Waelbroeck, Francois L. : PFB
Waggener, Leslie MBP
Waldrip, Dorothy : CP
Walker, Dorothy : PRF94, RLMP
Walker, E. Lee : PRF94
Walker, Herman H. : PRF94
Walker, Steven RLMP
Wallace, Reuben H. : PRF94, PRF96
Wallis, R. F. : PRSU90
Walsh, John McDowell “Mac” PBP
Walther, Humboldt : PRSU93
Wang, Kuo-Hsiun Carl : SGP
Ward, Herbert : PRF94, PRSP03
Wardlaw, Frank : ADSS
Wardlaw, Jane Williamson : ADSS
Ware, Alan : PFRS, SGP
Washington, Joyce : SGP
Watkins, Jonathan G.:
Watson, Murray : ADSS
Watson, Robert Bardeen : PFRS, SigPiSig
Watts, Sammy L. : SGP
Watts, Terry : PS
Webb, J. G. MBP
Webb, Nettie A. : SGP
Weber, Gayle K. : WIP
Weiler, John Eugene, Sr. : PRF94, PRF96
Weinberg, Louise : PRF94
Weinberg, Steven : PRF94, PFB, PFRS, PRF96, PRSP03, PRSU90, PRSU91, PRSU93, PRW88, RLMP
Wellingstein, Herman : PRSU91
Wendt, Arlene Teinert : ADSS
West, F. T. MBP, DPA
Weston, Edward : VDRE
Weyers, J. RLMP
Whalen, Bruce R. : PRF94, PRF96
Whalen, Georgina : PRF96
Wheeler, John A. : PRF96, HS, PLH, PRF94, PRSP03, PRSU93, PFRS, RLMP
Wheeler, Lisle Lorenzo : WIP
White, Gifford E. : PRF94, PRF96, CA
White, Carolyn : SGP
White, J. E. : PRF94, PRF96
White, J. M. : PRSU91, PRW88
White, Marsh A. : SigPiSig
White, Molly : PLH
Whiteside, Wilfred D., III : PRSU90
Whiting, Agnes MBP
Whitten, Sam G. : PLH
Wiebusch, Charles Frederick MBP, WIP
Wiggers, Darwin E. : SGP
Wigner, E. RLMP
Wigner, Eugene : WIP
Wild, Dorothy Louise MBP
Wilkinson, Denys : PRF96
Williams, Conley : PS
Williams, Dudley : MBP, WIP
Williams, Loraine : WIP
Williams, Mabel : WIP
Williams, Owen : PS
Williamson, Harold : PS
Wilson, Harold A. : SigPiSig
Windsor, Phineas L. : PLH
Wineland, Dave : PRSU91, PRSU93
Winicour, J. : PRF94
Winkler, E. W. : DPA
Winkler, Wilbur P. MBP
Wipff, F. P. : PRF94, PRF96
Wisseman, William R. : PRF96
Witcher, Jim : WIP
Witten, E. RLMP
Witten, Hattie V. MBP, DPA
Wittenborn, August F. : PRF94, PRF96
Wittig, Arthur Walter : PS
Wittig, Bruce Harold : PS
Wittig, Guenther R. : PS
Wladis, Carrie Woods MBP
Wladis, Claire Wyn MBP
Wolf, E. : PRSU91
Wolfe, Arthur M.
Wolfram, Amy Judith : WIP
Wolinsky, Murray A. : PRF94
Wollet, William “Bill” Boyd : PS
Wong, Henry Vernon : PFRS
Wood, George W. : PRF94, PRF96
Wood, William Monford "Monty" : PRSU90
Woodbridge, R. G., III MBP
Woods, Becky MBP
Woods, Betty Jo MBP
Woods, Carol MBP
Woods, Claribel Bruce MBP
Woods, David Bruce MBP
Woods, Elizabeth Lee MBP
Woods, Joan Bruce MBP
Woods, John Price MBP
Woods, Josephine Price MBP
Woods, Lynne MBP
Woods, Michelle Lee MBP
Woods, Timothy Price MBP
Woods, Washington Green Lee MBP
Wooten, Alan MBP, PFRS PRSU89, PRF96
Wright, Thelma : WIP
Wynne, Agnes Whiting MBP
Wynne, Philip Henry MBP, PFRS


Yang, C. RLMP
Yao, Zhen : PFRS, PRSP03
Yates, Cleon : PS
Yih, Tai-Sone : PRF96
York, J. : PRF94
Young, Robert W. : PRF94, PRF96
Younglove, Ben : PS
Yount, B. K. MBP
Yudof, Mark G. : PRF96
Yue, Andrew : PS


Zaidi, Syed Amir Ali : PFRS, PRSP03, PRF96
Zuber, Jean-Bernard : PFB
Zuhlke, Emil, Jr. MBP
Zuniga, Marco Antonio
Zurnino, B. RLMP
Zwernemann, Steven M. : PRF94



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