University of Texas,
Physics Faculty 1912


Photo including Physics Faculty 1912

Graduate Council and Departments, UT Cactus yearbook, 1912

Two physics faculty appear in this photo. (My estimate on the date is about 1917, Lulu Bailey died in 1921. M. Y. Colby graduated in 1915, but was put in charge of the Radio School when war broke out. After the Armistice he left to work at a bank, about 1918.–Mel Oakes)

All identifications left to right.
Front Row seated: Mary Lulu Bailey, at right end, turned sideways..

Back Row:W. T. Mather, Professor Physics, (1864-1937) standing in the middle with bowtie and beard. Milton Brockett Porter, Professor of Mathematices, to the right of Mather. hands clasped.