University of Texas
Physics Tutors, Instructors, and Staff 1933


Physics Tutor, Instructor and Staff 1932-33


In Front of Old Main Building
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Sixth Row: Robert E. Greenwood (became UT Professor of Math), Dan Johnson, Jack Richard Cooper
Fifth Row: Frank Seay, Alex Mood, Jerome Codington, Robert S. “Jack” Dahlberg Jr.
Fourth Row: Dan Sledge, Alfred Kettler, Gordon Middleton
Third Row: Wayne Jones, Glenn Conklin, James E. Walker

Second Row: Royal Edward Newman, L. Earl Deacon, Anamary Davis (Maxey), Mary Lucy Dodson (Boston) (12/3/1912-10/17/1985 McAllen, TX), Mabel Williams
Front Row: C. W. McCune, Lawrence Edward Brown, C. J. Sanders, Wille E. Franks, Caroline Mitchell

Sixth Row: 21. Robert E. Greenwood( became UT Professor of Math), 22. Dan Johnson, 23. Jack Richard Cooper
Fifth Row: 17. Frank Seay, 18. Alex Mood, 19. Jerome Codington, 20. Robert S. “Jack” Dahlberg Jr.
Fourth Row: 14. Dan Sledge, 15. Alfred Kettler, 16. Gordon Middleton
Third Row: 11. Wayne Jones, 12. Glenn Conklin, 13. James E. Walker
Second Row: 6. Royal Edward Newman, 7. L. Earl Deacon, 8. Anamary Davis, 9. Mary Lucy Dodson, 10. Mabel Williams
Front Row: 1. C. W. McCune, 2. Lawrence Edward Brown, 3. C. J. Sanders, 4. Willie E. Franks, 5. Caroline Mitchell


Picture below of 1929 Engineers’ Graduate Club has Peurifoy, Shelby and Brown, all tutors in physics also. None appears to be sure ids for Physics picture.



Information about some in the Physics picture:

Fred L. Poole, Instructor (from Cal Tech, later at Colorado State U. and U. of Utah as Electrical Engineering Prof.)




Rufus Rondeau Rush (1889-, MA 1928, Thesis entitled, Magnetostriction Oscillator as a Frequency Standard. High School teacher in San Antonio), Tutor




R. E. Shelby, Tutor
Gerhard W. Bertschler



Jack Richard Cooper, Tutor, 1928




Orlando Joseph Murphy





Royal Edward Neuman, Houston, BS in 1933