University of Texas,
Faculty Council 1946


Faculty Council 1946

Faculty Council 1946 ( Photo by Boone, Austin, TX)

Front Row:
1. Gidley, William Francis, Dean of College of Pharmacy
2. Rosenquist, Carl Martin, Professor of Sociology
3. Parlin, Hanson Tufton, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
4. Painter, Theophilus Shickel, President
6. Gutsch, Milton Rietow, Professor of English History
5. Coney, Donald, Librarian
7. Simmons, C. B., Comptroller

Second Row:
1. Shelby, Thomas H., Dean of Division of Extension
2. Granberry, Collier Read, Professor of Electrical Engineering
3. Calhoun, John William, Professor of Applied Mathematics
4. Colby, Malcolm Young, Professor of Physics
5. McCormick, Charles Tilford, Dean of the School of Law
6. Duncalf, Frederic, Professor of Medieval History
7. Umstattd, James Greenleaf, Professor of Secondary Education

Third Row
1. Smith, C. Aubrey, Professor of Accounting
2. Webb, Walter Prescott, Professor of American History
3. Bedichek, Roy, Director, Bureau of Public School Service
4. Mathews, Edward Jackson, Registrar and Dean of Admissions
5. Mozley, Loren Norman, Assistant Professor of Art
6. Calkins, Howard Andrew, Assistant Professor of Government
7. Ayres, Clarence Edwin, Professor of Economics

Fourth Row
1. Williams, Roger John, Professor of Chemistry
2. Short, Byron Elliott, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
3. Woolrich, Willis Raymond, Dean of College of Engineering







Back Row:
1. Ferguson, Phil Moss, Professor of Civil Engineering
2. Brogan, Albert Perley, Dean of the Graduate School
3. Smith, Henry Nash, Professor of English and American History
4. Jones, Joseph Jay, Assistant Professor of English
5. Graham, Philip, Professor of English
6. Thompson, Jesse Neils, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering