University of Texas,
UT First Faculty 1883-84


First UT Faculty

When the University of Texas opened in September 1883, the faculty was composed of the eight men pictured here (left to right): John William Mallet, professor of physics and chemistry; Leslie Waggener, professor of English language, history, and literature; Robert L. Dabney, professor of mental and moral philosophy and political science; Robert S. Gould, professor of law; Oran M. Roberts, professor of law; Henri Tallichet, professor of modern languages; Milton Humphreys, professor of ancient languages; and William LeRoy Broun, professor of mathematics. Following the University of Virginia model, the faculty elected one of their colleagues, Professor Mallet, to serve as Chair of the Faculty; the office of University President was not created until 1895. There were only two departments established, Academic and Law.
Photo Courtesy of Dolph Briscoe Center for American History


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