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Angus and Erna Pearsson
Angus (July 27, 1915-Dec. 4, 1983)- Erna (Sept. 9, 1920-Feb. 16, 2009)



Angus George Pearson

Erna Rosalie Hezog Pearson

Angus George Pearson was born to George R. and Ella Agne Gamblin Pearson on July 27, 1915, in Collina, Brunswick, Canada. His father was a in the Canadian Civil Service, serving in the postal service. He attended the Univeristy of New Brunswick for three years before moving to Austin with his parents in 1937 from Fredericton, Canada. He earned a BA in physics from the University of Texas in 1938, an MA from Rice University and returned to UT for a PhD in 1966. His dissertation was entitled, "Energy and other properties of H₃" supervised by Albert Matsen. In 1940, he was tutor at the University of Texas. During WWII he taught Ground School at the Coleman flying school and then worked for the National Cotton Council and the Military Physics Research Laboratory at UT. Angus was a member of the Amateur Radio Society. He later taught chemistry at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. In the 1950s Angus and Erna both taught at Emory University in Atlanta. He taught physics and she was appointed instructor in mathematics in 1955. He joined the faculty of the Computer Sciences Department at UT when the department was formed in 1966. He had a longtime interest in Esperanto and for many years was delegate of the Universala Esperanto-Associo and was faculty sponsor of the UT Esperanto Club. He was also faculty sponsor of the UT Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. He retired from UT in 1976 because of poor health. Angus Pearson died December 4, 1983 in Travis County, Texas.


Angus George Pearson married Erna Rosalie Hezog on August 14, 1943 in Kerrville, Texas. She was born on September 9, 1920, in Wichita Falls, TX, to Oswald Aaron and Sarah Floydene Kuhlmann Herzog. They had two daughters, Ann (Mrs. Matthew R. Goldman of Cleveland, OH, and Ellen Gail Pearson (1950-2019)(Mrs. Joe A. Munoz, Jr. of Georgetown, TX). They had two grandchildren, Jennifer and Kristal Munoz. In 1950,

Erna attended the University of Texas and earned a BA in 1945 and an MA in Mathematics in 1946. Her thesis was entitled "Some types of Diophantine equations". She was an assistant in the physics department as well as president of Tau Dlta Alpha, honorary pre-med fraternity for women.

UT Sigma Pi Sigma founding members, 1946

Erna Rosalie Herzog Pearson and Angus George Pearson (1915-83) Both are in the picture. Angus George Pearson was born in Collina, New Brunswick, Canada, just a few miles from where his ancestors settled when they emigrated from England and Scotland in 1815–1822. Angus obtained his B.A. in physics ln 1938 and entered graduate school. In 1941, he met his future wife, Erna Herzog, a student in his freshman physics lab. Being a very conscientious person, he waited until she was no longer his student before asking her for a date. During 1942–1944 of World War Il, Angus enlisted in the Air Corps and was placed in the Reserves so as to teach aircraft recognition, theory of flight, and navigation in the ground school of the Coleman Flying School in Coleman, Texas. Then on August 7, 1943, Angus and Erna were married in Kerrville, Texas, and Angus was naturalized as a citizen of the United States. They had two daughters, Elizabeth Ann (Goldman) and Ellen Gail (Munoz). Later Angus worked for the National Cotton Council in Dallas and Austin on a war project testing the feasibility of using microwaves to kill insects and their eggs in packaged goods. He finished the war as a Testing Machine Operator for the Military Physics Laboratory at The University of Texas. Just before his orals in 1948, some physicists working on the same problem at another institution published the results of their work. This made Angus‘ work ineligible for a PhD so he was awarded an MA degree. In 1946, Erna received an MA in mathematics under the supervision of Harry S. Vandiver. In the Fall of 1950, the Pearsons moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where Angus became Assistant Professor of Physics at Emory University. In 1957, Angus and Erna decided to return to Austin so Angus could attend the University full time and learn the new developments in quantum mechanics, which included learning much about computers. He received a Welch fellowship as he studied under F. A. Matsen, as well as Research Asslstantships. From 1964–1966, while Angus was finishing his Ph., he taught computer programming as a T.A. in the Mathematics Department. Angus' Ph.D. was awarded in June, 1966, when the Pearsons were also invited to join the U.T. Computer Sciences Department. Angus was appointed as an Assistant Professor and Erna was half-time Instructor and half-time Research Scientist at the Computation Center. Angus was primarily interested in undergraduate students and worked as Undergraduate Adviser while on the faculty. He hired and supervised the student assistants and the T. A.'s involved in the freshman and sophomore courses. In 1973, he was promoted to Associate Professor.

In the early l960's Angus became interested in the international language Esperanto. In 1973, Angus and Erna went to Belgrade where they attended an International Esperanto Congress.

In the fall of 1974, Angus had his first heart attack and had to stay home. He retired in 1976 so he and Erna could travel together.They took several trips to New Brunswick and he was able to attend his UNB class's 45th anniversary. He died quietly on December 4, 1983, with his family around him. He left his body to the University of Texas Medical School.

From Angus Pearson Memorial Resolution was prepared by a Special Committee consisting of Professors David M. Young, Jr. (Chairman), Dr. Norman Martin, and Dr. Charles Warlick.

Robert Chris “Bob” Chuoke Jr., (1929-2008), B. S., M. S. at UT & Ph.D at Rice. Worked for Shell Oil in Houston, lived in Clear Lake Texas. He was an accomplished musician. Jim Thompson said he would listen from his carrel as Bob play the cello on Sunday mornings in a large room in the Rice Library. Jim thinks he might have worked with Professor W. V. Houston at Rice.





Angus and Erna Pearson Photo Album

Erna Hezog, Jefferson High School, San Antonio, TX. Senior Photo

Erna Hezog, Jefferson High School, 1939, San Antonio, TX. Senior Year
Erna Rosalie Hezog, University of Texas, 1940, Sophomore Year, "The Cactus" Yearbook
Erna Rosalie Hezog, University of Texas, 1941, Junior Year, "The Cactus" Yearbook
Angus Geoge Pearson and Erna Rosalie Hezog Pearson, Rice University, 1947,


Standing, left to right: Dr. C. T. Kenner, James C. McPherson, Dr. Ogden Baine, Jay Curtice, Dr. E. O. Heuse

Seated: Angus Pearson, Mrs. M. E. Miller, Dr. Harold Jeskey

1949 SMU Yearbook, Rotunda

Computer Sciences Department, 1966

Angus Pearson

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