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Name Index for Physics Shop Personnel

Below are the names of people who worked in physics shops. This includes those that worked in related groups such as Fusion Research Center, Center for Nuclear Studies, etc. The Physics Shop link below will take you to the page where the staff member's name appear. Once at the page you will need to use the Find function in your browser to find the name in the page.

Physics Shops


Aldridge L. E. Aldridge
Arredondo Ernie Arredondo
Atkins Carl Atkins
Baez Ed Baez
Black Molly Black
Blake Ralph Blake
Boehl Herb Boehl
Boney Jeff Boney
Book Helen Book
Boyd Danny Boyd
Brooks Judy Brooks
Brooks Judy Brooks
Buchanan James (Jim) Lyle Buchanan
Burbrink Walter M. Burbrink
Burke Willie W. Burke
Campbell Jay Campbell
Cannon Donny Cannon
Clifford Jack Clifford
Cloud Tom Cloud
Cole Terry Cole
Collins Jim Collins
Costello Ben Costello
Deavers Les Deavers
Dombi Geza Dombi
Doty John Phillip Doty
Elias David Elias
England John England
Evans Fred Evans
Gamble Sharon Gamble
Gamboa Marynell Gamboa
Goodwin Richard Goodwin
Goss Bill Goss
Griffin Edward Monroe Griffin
Hausdorff Robert Hausdorff
Hickman Terrell Louis Hickman
Hirsch Louis Hirsch
Hudler Stanley B. Hudler
Hussien Robert Hussien
Jackman A. S. Jackman
Jares Danny Jares
Juergans Dick Juergans
Kaufman Jay Kaufman
Keefer Mark Keefer
Kent Jeffery Kent
Kerrigan John Kerrigan
Keto Eric Keto
Killgore Billy J. Killgore
Land Cone Johnson Land
Langston Tom Langston
Latham Vickie Latham
Lowe Dudley Lowe
Lucas George Lucas
Martinez Jesse Martinez
McGuire Joe McGuire
McNight Ed McNight
Medina Ricardo Medina
Mickle Andy Mickle
Neideffer Roger Neideffer
Neideffer Roger Neideffer
Nelson David Nelson
Olwin George Olwin
Osborn Don Osborn
Pierce Stephen Pierce
Pinget Jim Pinget
Plummer Lawrence Plummer
Reed Johnny Reed
Reep Larry Reep
Reich Jess Reich
Rostetter Eric Jon Rostetter
Ruiz Ricardo “Ric” Ruiz
Ryan Bill Ryan
Sandefur George Sandefur
Sandefur Lanny Sandefur
Sandefur Charlie Sandefur
Sandefur Krissy Sandefur
Schroeder Alan Schroeder
Segura Joe Segura
Shell George Shell
Shipman Orian W. Shipman
Smith Charles Smith
Spence George Spence
Spillar Jerry Douglas Spillar
Stephens Jack L. Stephens
Strange Lewis Strange
Sykes David Sykes
Thomas Gary Thomas
Trappe Karl Trappe
Trevino Jesse Trevino
Warlick Charles Warlick
Watts Terry Watts
Williamson Harold Williamson
Wittig Guenther R. “Kayo” Wittig
Wollet William Boyd Wollet
Yates Cleon Yates
years Donald Scott 10 or 12 years
Yue Andrew Yue


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