University of Texas
International Vegetarian Cook Book
Compiled by Miss Clara Jerome Kochersperger(1871-1946)
Illustrations by Miss Louise Lina Shuddemagen(1890-1987)
Rajput Press, Chicago, 1912



Louise "Lina" Shuddemagen


This cook book was illustrated by Louise Carolina (Lina) Shuddemagen(at right), Conrad’s sister, who was staying with him in Chicago at the time. She was a painter and twenty-two years of age. The cook book was supported by the Theosophy Society. Entries in the book include Shuddemagen family members. Louise initials(LLS) are present in some of the drawings. Illustrations from the book are below, followed by relevant recipes.

The book was obtained from the Indiana University Library by Molly White, UT Physics Librarian.

Illustrations by Louise Carolina "Lina" Shuddemagen

Book Cover
Title Page
Austin Lee McRae
1908 Rollamo, U. of Missouri at Rolla Yearbook
Yearbook dedicated to Dr. McRae
Soups p. 19
Salads p. 70
Vegetables p. 94
Austin Lee McRae BS, SD
Director of Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy
1919 Rollamo, U. of Missouri at Rolla Yearbook.
Director McRae’s Home
1917 Rollamo, U. of Missouri at Rolla Yearbook,
1921 Rollamo, U. of Missouri at Rolla Yearbook,
Dr. McRae died in 1922
Caption: Dr.. McRae was director of the Missouri School of Mines from1915 until June, 1920. Prior to that time he had been an Instructor in theis school for nineteen years. During his term of service he has been extremely conscientious and ever zealous for the advancement of the shool. He was at all times willing to render any assistance possible to the students. He was an ardent advocate of athletics and is yet greatly interested in all our contests.

We wished to extend the thans of the student body to dr McRae for the achievements he had accomplished for the school
Cakes p. 201
Pies p. 247
Desserts p. 259
Luncheon and Afternoon Tea p. 300
Fruit Punches p. 342
Turnip Soup with Rice-p. 41, Conrad’s mother.
Red Beet Leaf Pudding-p133 JAS, Conrad’s mother.
Stewed Tomatoes and Okra JAS-p137
Stewed Tomatoes & Okra JAS-p137
Mrs. J. A. (Anna) Shuddemagen(1857-1944)
Candies-Fudge-Chocolate Fudge-p326, A.S., Alma Shuddemagen, Conrad’s sister, she became a nutritionist.
Maple Fudge-p. 327, 328, Miss Alma Shuddemagen
Alma Louise Shuddemagen (1888-1976)
Cakes p. 201
Cakes p. 201
Cakes p. 201
Russell Collins and his mother, Amy, when they graduated.
Russell Collins' father and his aunt.
Russell Lewis Collins and brother, Glen Samuel Collins (1956–1993).

Russell L. Collins, U. of Tulsa, 1947, Junion


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