University of Texas
Janitor's View of Physics Building 1946


Wylie Enlow Brown was born in November 27, 1900. He was the son of John Walter and Nancy J. Arnold Brown.He was married to Allie Lee Turbiville Brown (1897-1970). He was a truck driver in Austin in 1930. In 1941, he was clerk at Wilcox-Nelson Company, a coffee roasting company. In 1951-58, he is listed as a UT building attendant.

In 1971, he married Pearl V. Jenkins, (1895-1973), her parents were E. J. and Corajane Edwards Jenkins. In 1975, (1895-1985) he married Ella M. Watts age 82.

Wylie and Allie Lee Brown House

The house at 4914 Bennett Avenue was built in 1928, for Wylie and Allie Lee Brown, who are listed as the owners and occupants of the house in the 1929 city directory. At the time it was built, the house was on the outskirts of Austin; it was not until 1935 that the house had an actual address and house number listed in the city directory. Wylie Brown was the son of a farmer in rural Travis County; by 1930, he had married his wife Allie, and was working as a driver for the Wilcox-Nelson Company, a wholesale grocery and coffee roasting business. He was living in the house, although the 1930 census report shows it as a rural precinct of Travis County with no street addresses. Allie Brown was a rural school teacher. They lived in this house until the mid-to-late 1940s; Wylie continued to work for Wilcox-Nelson until the early 1940s, and was then listed as a janitor at the University of Texas. Wylie Brown passed away in November, 1991.

House was likely demolished in 2009.