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Loyd Hampton
August 23, 1930–



Loyd Hampton

Loyd Hampton was an important staff member from 1952 when he joined the staff as research scientist until he retired as director in 1988. His early important work began in 1953 as a field engineer recording mine-hunting sonar data and on loan to the Radar Division, as a field engineer operating a monitoring station in a foreign country. He was also heavily involved in the mine-hunting sonar R&D program. Research for his master’s degree and doctorate proved to be important and was well-received. He spent a valuable year (1969) in New Zealand as a visiting scientist. He handled the successful program to develop target classification gear for ASW active sonar, and he was solely responsible for getting the low frequency program and low frequency passive solar work, a major part of the ARL program today. As director, some of his most important contributions were: for ARL to receive a 5% fee which could be used for many purposes; obtained a multiple project omnibus contract; obtained emergency salary increases; and increased the involvement of the UT Administration in ARL operations.

Hampton was born in Santa Anna, Texas, August 23, 1930, and completed high school in Austin in 1948. He entered UT and received his bachelor’s degree (with Honors) in 1952. The text of this book well covers his technical work; he was appointed assistant director on September 1, 1970; associate director September 1, 1976; and director on September 1, 1980.

Hampton married Nan Jones in 1953, and they were blessed with two children, Lisa and Donald. They have two grandchildren.

After he retired, they spent a year at Wales, Alaska, on the Bering Strait where he served as a weather observer. Hampton now lives on his ranch about 70 miles from Austin.

Clearly, Hampton played an important role in the history of the Applied Research Laboratories.

Loyd Hampton was an important staff member.

Much of the information has come from A History of Applied Research Laboratories, Vol. 1, 1945-1980, by Chester McKinney and Clark Penrod.

Loyd Hampton Photo and Document Album

Loyd Hampton, entry from A History of Applied Research Laboratories, Vol. 1, 1945-1980, by Chester McKinney and Clark Penrod


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