University of Texas,
Physics Department 1933


Physics Department 1933

On steps of Old Main

1. S. Leroy Brown (faculty)
2. M. Y. Colby (faculty)
3. Adolph Gruber (mechanician)
4. Willie Edward Franks (undergraduate)
5. W. T. Mather (faculty)
6. Caroline McCullough Mitchell (graduate student, MA 1936).
7. Arnold Romberg (faculty)
8. C. P. Boner (faculty)
9. J. W. Kuehne (faculty)
10. Royal V. Newman (undergraduate)
11. Lawrence E. Brown (graduate student)
12. C. J. Sanders (graduate student)
13. Anamary Davis (undergraduate)
14. Mary Lucy Dodson (undergraduate)
15. Louis Gruber (mechanician)
16. C. W. McCune (undergraduate)
17. Glenn Conklin (undergraduate)
18. L. E. Deacon (undergraduate)
19. J. J. Miller (faculty)
20. Katherine Banks (head administrator)
21. Mabel Williams (graduate student)
22. H. Wayne Jones (changed name to H. Wayne Rudmose) (undergraduate)
23. Frank Seay (undergraduate)
24. Dan Sledge (undergraduate)
25. Alfred Kettler (undergraduate)
26. James Walker (graduate student)
27. Gordon Middleton (undergraduate)
28. R. E. Greenwood (graduate student)
29. Dan W. Johnson (graduate student)
30. Alex McFarlane Mood (undergraduate)
31. Jack Cooper (graduate student)
32. Jerome Codington (?)
33. Darl Dickens (lab technician)(1898–1990)
34. Jack Dahlberg (undergraduate)
35. A. E. Lockenvitz (faculty)

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