University of Texas,
Physics Department Picnic 1934


Physics Department Picnic 1934


Physics Department Spring 1934

Left to Right:

Back: 1. J. M. Kuehne, 2. Mary Kuehne, 3. Royal Edward Neuman (child unknown), 4. Felma Neuman, 5. L. Earl Deacon, 6. Donald Boner (in arms), 7. Charles P. Boner, 8. Marian Boner (holding cloth), 9. Loraine Decherd, 37. Unknown, 10. Eugene Miller (little boy), 11. Helen Romberg, 12. Arnold Romberg, 13. Margaret Romberg, 14. Sally Lee Westmoreland Boner (C. P. Boner’s mother), 15. Mrs. S. Leroy "Dearie" Brown (in hat), 16, Lawrence E. Brown (hands up), 17. S. Leroy Brown

Front: 18. Charles Frank Seay (squatting in white), 19. Arthur E. Lockenvitz, 20. Brigitte Lockenvitz (in lap), 21. Margaret Lockenvitz, 22. Juanita Miller (little girl) 23. Wayne Jones, later Wayne Rudmose, 31. Unknown, 24. Mrs J. J. “Grace” Miller, 31. Unknown little girl, 32. Unknown, 33. Unknown, 34. Unknown, 25. Robert E. Greenwood (in tie, became UT Math Professor), 35. Unknown, 26. J. J. Miller, 27. Katie Banks, 28. C. W. McCune (in front with tie), 29. C. J. Sanders (in suit holding hat), 30. Willie E. Franks, 36. Unknown on end in white shirt and pants)

Charles Frank Seay (No. 18 in picture): Charles Frank Seay, Jr. passed away Sunday, April 3, 2011. He was born in Dallas, Texas on December 27, 1913. He graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School, 1930 and the University of Texas, Phi Beta Kappa, 1934. In 1940, he was recruited from a research fellowship in physics at UT to work on underwater acoustics at Harvard and MIT, and later Ft. Lauderdale's Naval Air Station. His work in this war effort earned him the Naval Ordnance Development Award. He returned to UT's Defense Research Lab and later moved back to Dallas, eventually working with the Graduate Research Center of the Southwest housed on the SMU campus. He became Executive Assistant to the President of that university, a position he held until retirement. Of his many interests, music was his greatest love. He was choir director of churches in both Austin and Dallas and continued to compose and arrange up until his last few months. His wife of 64 years, Emily Moore Seay, survives him as does his son, Charles Frank Seay III, wife Joan, daughter Carolyn Seay Browne, husband Steve, seven grandchildren, and a much loved and loving extended family. Mr. Seay was a charter member and elder at Park Cities Presbyterian Church. Having placed his faith in the redemptive work of Jesus Messiah, he is now savoring the joys of the Church Triumphant. In lieu of flowers, please send memorials to Park Cities Presbyterian Church, 4124 Oak Lawn, Dallas, Texas 75219-3152, or The Foundation Fighting Blindness, 13807 Alden Lane, Frisco, Texas 75035. A memorial service will be held at 11 AM, Friday, April 8 at Park Cities Presbyterian Church.
Frank is also pictured in the Physics and Tutors picture from 1933 in the Department Photo Album on this site.