University of Texas
Shuheng H. Pan



Shuheng H. Pan


Soochow University, China, BA 1982
University of Texas, Austin Ph.D., 1991 Supervising Professor Alex DeLozanne

UT Dissertation: "An ultra high vacuum low temperature scanning tunneling microscope and its applications to high Tc [subscript c] superconductors and quasi one-dimensional organic conductors."

Basel University, Switzerland Postdoc 1991—1992

2001 – present: Professor, Department of Physics & Texas Center for Superconductivity, University of Houston.

1999 - 2001: Associate Professor of Physics, Boston University.

1995 - 1999:Research Associate, Department of Physics & Center for Ultra Low Temperature Physics, University of California, Berkeley.

1992 - 1995: Senior Research Staff Member, Applied Physics Department & Microstructure Research Center, Hamburg University, Germany.

Shuheng Pan in Alex DeLozanne's laboratory.

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