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UT Faculty 1912


UT Faculty 1912

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UT Faculty From 1913 Cactus . The photo however was taken in 1912. A superior version is shown below the identifications. A larger version is below that and will require you to scroll to see all of it, however it may be useful for examining individuals.

Left to Right:

Back Row: John M. Kuehne (Adjunct Professor in Physics, MS) Tall man in white suit and beard. Thomas Uulvan Taylor, (Professor of Civil Engineering: in between the two columns.), John Thomas Patterson (Professor of Zoology: white dot on lapel)

Seventh Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Lindley Miller Keasbey (Professor of Institutional History: bowtic at left corner of left column)

Group of Women at Left: Mary Lulu Bailey (Instructor in Physics) (1870-1921), is the woman, in white, in the middle of the photo. Lulu had been on the faculty for some time and would have been comfortable with the male members of the faculty and likely not felt it necessary to congregate as the women on the left did.

Fifth Row: Frederick Eby (Professor of the History of Education: 5th from right end: black suit and maybe white tie, young looking)

Fourth Row: Mary Edna Gearing? (Professor of Domestic Ecology, later Home Economics), James Carleton Bell, (Professor of the Art of Teaching: 3rd from right end with high collar glasses, moustache and beard). Alexander Caswell Ellis (Professor of the Philosophy of Education; moustache and beard)

Second Row: ?, ?, ?, Helen Marr Kirby (Dean of Women), ?, W. T. Mather (Professor of Physics, PhD), first man in gray suit, balding with beard. S. Leroy Brown was an Instructor in Physics, however no obvious candidate in photo.

Front Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Frederic William Simonds (Professor of Geology), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Morgan Callaway, (Professor of English)

The large number of people in the photo requires that Instructors are included. There were fewer that 50 Professors and Adjunct Professors. Most of the women would be instructors.